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Civil Litigation and Criminal Defense

Civil and Criminal Defense Attorneys should use ARom LNC to boost your clients’ defense. Important medical questions need to be answered to defend a person accused of harm. With years of experience in trauma assessments and treatments, the experts at ARom LNC will be able to clearly identify if the mechanism of injury supports the allegations. Reviewing medical records, we can bring forth the information you need so support if your client has a medical condition that contributed to their circumstance or if the complaining witness has prior medical conditions that warrant culpability.  With experience in prehospital treatment and hospital treatment, ARom LNC can identify and explain if the actions of EMS or other medical providers worsen a minor injury into a significant or serious injury.  ARom LNC will efficiently and cost-effectively bring forth the medical information you need to defend your client.

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Personal Injury

Personal Injury Attorneys should use ARom LNC to maximize the value of your clients claim. With our emergency department expertise, we will assess injuries and identify contributing factors that can affect settlement value. We will make sure you are prepared to handle pre-existing conditions which will impact causation issues. We are experts in summarizing voluminous medical records and will deliver you with a brief report to bolster your position. We understand the severity of your clients’ injuries and want your client to receive their maximum benefits.

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Medical Malpractice

Medical Malpractice Attorneys should use ARom LNC to screen cases for merit, so your time is not wasted on non-meritorious cases. The experts at ARom LNC will define deviations from, and adherences to, the applicable standards of care. We can assess pre-existing conditions that will impact causation issues and identify contributing factors that can affect settlement value. ARom LNC can conduct literature searches and develop the authoritative scientific foundation for developing a persuasive case. We can identify and locate relevant testifying experts who can support you in the court room.

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Estate Planning and Family Law

Estate Planning and Family Law Attorneys should use ARom LNC for guardianship cases when the health or safety of a protected person is in question. Custodial issues involving medically fragile or permanently injured persons need medical review not only for the safety of the individual but for determining appropriate guardianship arrangements. As a Nationally Certified Guardian through the CGC Andrea can support attorneys to better understand the impact of medical conditions in guardianship, adoption, surrogacy, and child protection proceedings.

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For Every Attorney ARom LNC is here to provide services throughout the litigation process. From initial screening to trial exhibit preparation we are here to support you. Every client expects and deserves the most comprehensive representation. With a nurse on your legal team you will be able to assure clients they are getting full legal and medical representation. Staff at ARom LNC can serve as nurse expert witnesses, be present at client interviews and independent medical exams, assist the legal team in preparation for deposition, and act as a valuable resource to build your medical library.



If you have been injured or harmed contact an attorney.  Attorneys are the experts on legal issues. The expert professionals at ARom Legal nurse consulting do not practice law; we work alongside your attorney to ensure all medical aspects of your case have been addressed.

Plaintiff Attorneys, Defense Attorneys, Insurance companies, healthcare facilities, private corporations and governmental agencies all utilize the services of legal nurse consulting to provide better outcomes for their clients. Contact ARom Legal Nurse Consulting today for current fee schedule and a free, one-time, no obligation telephone consultation.

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